A Danish blacksmith producing elegant wine in France?
Making great wines from small appellations?


Thomas Dam


During the last 20 years I have searched the whole world over for wines with personality, elegance and coldness. I have seen beautiful people both in the vineyards and in the wineries with a focused and passionated look in their eyes. 

2015 was the first year where I with my own hands made production of wines in Burgundy, Cote d'Or. This harvest inspired me and kicked-off my own wine adventure. 

Cornas 2016 was the result of this passion. This vintage was very cold and with very low yield, and the end result was light, infused wine with balance and acidity. The face of my wine was set.

The adventure continued, as I in 2017 had the possibility to extend production with Burgundy from Lieu Diet le Retrais, and my work in Burgundy continues right now finishing my 5th vintage. 

Hands-Off-Wine Co. - the face of the wines shows our hands-off approach! We work with the best vinerons. I am humble to say that I have got the opportunity to pick grapes mainly from organic vineyards, where we use horses and not mechanical machines - and we do not use chemicals of any kind.

Severe selection of grapes in the vineyards brings us perfect, cold grapes. From this point I already stop my work with the wine, and let the natural process begin.

After natural fermentation we leave the wine without racking, filtration and clearing.

Carefully bottled - that's it.